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If you are on the internet right now reading this

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Make Money Online

You are just a few minutes away from starting an incredible, exciting and irreversible journey to the world making autopilot money online.

I'm going to show you the exact steps that helped me go from earning $0 online to $150's overnight with no prior knowledge or experience.

Making money online shouldn't be hard, and it's not. Follow these exact steps I did to make 4 figures last month, without breaking a sweat.

It doesn't matter if you have nothing to invest

All you need
How to make passive income online

The Potential To Earn On The Web Is Endless

I was just like you once, tired of not having any money at all. Tired of waking up early in the morning to go work under someone.

That was all until one night after spending countless hours researching and trying new methods that I finally found something that worked for me!

How much did I make that day? $692.87 that was almost 7 times of how much I would make working retail!

I give this a try again the next day and to my surprise, I made $586.78 the next day! I finally hit the jackpot...


From that moment I learned 3 very important lessons…

Lesson 1: Setting up multiple income streams is how you make LOADS of money online. This is what all other eBook sellers don't mention. Usually because what they sell isn't even a working method.

Lesson 2: There's a ton of BS on the internet. But you don't need me to tell you that, you already know. Just how there's false diet advice there's false earning advice and what you've been buying/seeing is getting you confused. I've been there. Insane Passive Income will clearly outline what works in making money online along with five proven personal methods of mine that I make over $6,000 a month doing.

Lesson 3: Anyone can earn online. It's easy too. You just need the right knowledge and real working methods to boost you ahead of the 99% that keep trying and failing every single day.

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How It Works?

"I am interested, but exactly how does this work?"

Step 1


First make the investment and purchase this guide, you will receive an eBook plus all the necessary tools to start making money online.

Step 2>


Copy and paste the step-by-step instructions within the guide. It's so easy to do, even a 12-year-old or my grandma could do it.

Step 3>


There is no step 3, start seeing a daily passive cashflow entering your bank account. You can scale up and earn $100+, $200+, or even $500+ per day.

Start acting now before it’s too late!

Insane Passive Income is a brand-new , revolutionary, step by step, and newbie friendly money making system designed to teach you how to create your own online business. And make hundreds and hundreds of dollars per day and thousands of dollars per week!

These methods have been tested and used throughout the years by our team, and to this day we're still making an Insane Passive Income! These methods work worldwide, and any payment processors can be used! So even if you don't have Paypal or Bitcoin, do not fear! You can use Skrill/Western Union/Payoneer/International Bank Transfers or any other payment methods that are available!

The best part? There are multiple methods that require no investment whatsoever. There are two sections of this guide. A Beginner section for newbies, and an Advanced section for people who already know how to make money online and are looking to expand their knowledge. This guide will work for newbie's and pro's alike. There are multiple methods to choose from.

How to make passive income online

What's inside Insane Passive Income?

In this detailed step by step guide, you will learn multiple ways of making money online with ease

Insane Passive - Newbie friendly

Newbie Friendly

There are absolutely no skills or requirements needed in order to profit. Each package is carefully explained along with images, videos, and specific examples. In case you somehow do get lost, our professional support will fix the situation.

Insane Income - Instant earnings

Instant Earnings

Setting up our method is fast and easy. Don't waste your time trying to setup low quality methods that don't even work. Make the smart investment into this guide now and start seeing earnings only a day after purchase!

Passive Income - Extreme profits

Extreme Profits

Our intense profit methods allow you to earn upward of $150+ daily without breaking a sweat. The best part is that each method is scalable and will constantly earn more as it ages. Start earning large amounts online now.


Unique & Private Methods

With this guide, you can be confident that you are always using the most profitable and up to date methods that we offer. All our methods have been privately developed and are constantly tweaked by our marketing specialists.

Dedicated support

Dedicated Support

Our caring and friendly support will ensure that all your questions are solved, and any issues are fixed. You always come first, and our job is not finished until you are earning steadily with our methods. Top quality support is always our goal.


Refund Warranty

We are confident that you will earn just like our other valued customers which is why our methods are backed by our full refund warranty. In the event that you for some reason you don't earn any money, you will be issued a refund - no question asked.


Choose your most suitable package

How to earn passive income online

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What Our Customers Say About Us


avatar Dennis teng Purchased
08:35 AM
Extremely happy with my purchase. There is tons of potential with these methods. It includes lots of unique methods that I haven't seen before. The support is also great. I highly recommend this product
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avatar Ashton Arendela Purchased
10:21 AM (Last modified: 2 days ago)
I received a copy of this from Insane Passive Income. In all, there were several methods in the main guide. Along with this, the Seller also provided 6 bonus methods which I thought was quite generous.

I can say that the methods are very noob friendly, all of them were pretty much cut and dry with step by step instructions. You don't need to have any skills like being a marketer, coder, or have knowledge in any particular area. It seems like a very easy way to make a good amount of money in your spare time on the internet.

Overall I'm impressed, the guides are written well, and I think anyone who puts their mind to it can earn money with these methods. I will post continues updates (if I find the time), I look forward to expanding my moneymaking online.

UPDATE: Updating my review, I used just one of the methods that I thought looked the most profitable and earned around $200 a day, I just cashed out and these are my earnings

Proof 2
avatar joseph Purchased
01:22 PM
This guys methods are honestly intuitive and most require minimal investment and seem to be quick scaling. He gives genuine responses to any questions you may have and has been friendly and willing to help whenever he has the chance.
avatar WENDELL BOYER Purchased
07:19 AM
The method contains many private observations, which are very likely to help you in boosting your earnings. You would just waste time if you started from scratch, so much better to buy this method. My earnings after 3 days:
Proof 3
avatar Bikram Rana Purchased
12:36 PM
I received a copy from Insane Passive Income and this is my review of the methods.

These methods are honestly a gold mine. I have never seen them before anywhere on the internet and I can say they are truly unique. My favorite method is the main method which I found to be extremely scalable, and I'm already starting to set it up. It looks very promising from what I've seen so far.

Every single part of the guide is very simple to understand, all you have to do is follow the step-by-step instructions and it's honestly super easy to follow. The Seller helped me out with all the questions I had, the customer support is amazing. With these methods you really do take control of your income because the potential for profit is very high. You can make more throughout the course by following the methods.

In my opinion, Insane Passive Income's methods are the most profitable and really well explained. I give this product a 10/10, and I will come back to post my earnings in a couple of days.
Proof 4
avatar Jhell Baynosa Purchased
(Last modified: 1 hour ago)
I really have to say that these methods are unique, interesting, and actually work if you want to earn money. I've never seen any of the methods before. The support is very responsive and friendly.
Edit: Made $60 last hour, don’t know how to attach a photo to this comment.
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Frequently Asked Questions

What Our Customers Usually Ask

Do these methods work worldwide?

Yes, all of our methods work worldwide, as long as you have an internet connection..

What are the requirements and do I need prior knowledge?

The only requirements for the method are the actual guide and time to put aside to do the method..

How much time do I need to invest a day?

Depending on which route you decide to go, the average person would need 1-3 hours a day if you intended to do the methods daily.

Do the method require an investment?

It is not 100% required to have any investment, but I recommend you have money available to invest, even if it is a very small amount. The investment amount will have no effect on how much you can earn.

Can I do this method on a mobile phone?

Yes, this method can be done on a smartphone as long as it has an internet connection. But we highly recommend to use a PC.

I'm under 18, does this method work for me?

No, there is no age restriction whatsoever. You can do this even if you're 12.

English is not my native language, Can I do this method?

Yes, you just need to have little knowledge of the English language to understand the guide. However you can use Google Translate.

What are the payout options?

You can withdraw money to your local bank account, Paypal, Payoneer, Payeer, Skrill or BTC.

Will these methods get saturated? How often do you add new methods?

They will never be saturated regardless of anything. I update the methods monthly.

Are all of the methods provided legal?

Yes, the methods all fall under the whitehat/grayhat realm and are not illegal/blackhat.

I don't have Paypal or Bitcoin, Will this still work for me?

Yes, this will still work for you. It works with any payment processor worldwide.

When can I expect to start earning?

You can begin earning as soon as you purchase the product, you can expect to see your first earnings on the same day that you purchase.


If you have any questions, please feel free to ask



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